Get the best sleep of your life!

If you enjoy your session, you will be able to purchase the device that fits between the box spring and the mattress on site at a cost of 2400$+tx.


The acoustic oscillator is placed under your mattress, the loudspeakers on each side of the bed and the control to take advantage of the different sessions available. 

You will discover different programs, with or without music, promoting restful sleep, deep relaxation, more calm in the mind, thoughts that too often fill the mind, etc. You will feel the pleasant and soothing physical sensations running through your body from head to toe.

The results are spectacular on all types of mattresses, even the thickest. From now on, you will experience the same NeuroSpa experience that has been offered in more than a thousand wellness centers for a decade, every day, at home.

You will be able to enjoy NeuroSpa in the evening when you go to bed, in the morning when you wake up and when you return from work.

Acoustic oscillator
2 loudspeakers
Easy installation
7 NeuroSpa programs
Transportation included


2 400$
Taxes not included.


99$+tx 49$+tx round trip delivery included

For more information, please contact:
450 833 1814 ext. 8407