• Head-hands-feets massage

    • 110$/60 min

    To relax the extremitys so often solicited!

  • 4 hands massage

    • 200$/60 min

    2 massage therapists do an asymmetric movement.

  • Children massage

    • 60$/30 min

    For 7 to 12 years old.

  • Swedish massage (express)

    • 75$/30 min

    Relaxing or energic massage.

  • Swedish/therapeutic massage

    • 115$/60 min
    • 165$/90 min

    Musculary massage relaxing or energic and/or therapeutic.

  • Back health cure massage
    with green clay

    • 115$/60 min

    We use clay to remove your tension with warm pad and later  we do a therapeutic massage.

  • Stretching massage

    • 115$/60 min
    • 165$/90 min

    Stretching and mobilisations.

  • Deep tissue massage (strong pressure)

    • 120$/60 min
    • 170$/90 min

     This massage remove the fascia’s  tension with a strong pressure and elongations.

  • Hot stone massage
    (with aromatic oil)

    • 170$/90 min

    We do a massage with a hot stone in each hand with long move. It’s very relaxing.

  • Reflexology/feet massage

    • 75$/30 min
    • 115$/60 min

    This massage work with reflex points.

  • Pregnant massage

    • 115$/60 min

    (After 3th month of pregnancy) Relaxing massage and it’s good for heavy legs syndrome.

  • Perpetual movement massage (with warm aromatic oil)

    • 125$/60 min

    Creative massage, the hand and arms like waves on the beach explore your body with a professional smoothness flow.

The above treatments include access to the indoor and outdoor heated pool, spa and saunas. ($ 25 value)

Issuing receipts for insurance purposes **
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Open to passersby.


  • Aromatic oil : 5$

  • Possibility to duo massage



Cancellation policy and others information.

For more details or to make an appointment, please call us at 450-833-1814 #8407 or at 1-877-822-2623.

For any and all healthcare, 50% of the total value will be retained as a penalty in case the client does not show up for the appointment without cancelling beforehand at least 24 hours before the appointment.

Children younger than 14 must be accompanied by an adult. For pregnant woman, the pregnancy must be at 12 weeks at least.


The products we use are:

Yonka ° Aqua Laure ° OPI ° Clinique Lafontaine ° Les soins corporels de L'Herbier ° boutique L'infusion ° Rhida Cosmetic° Monceaux laboratory ° Black oxygen.


* Prices are subject to taxes and changes without notice.
**We are not responsible in case of non-acceptance of the receipt issued for your insurance company. Thank you for your understanding.


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