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All seasons:
From $50 CAD * *price per pet, for first night, + $ 25 per additional night, taxes not included.

Because we are aware that it is better to take a family holiday with the whole family, we have created the 'Pet Friendly' package.

We are annual partners of the MIRA Foundation. By booking a "Friend of Animals" stay at L'Auberge du Lac Taureau, you contribute to the donation that is made every year!

Book with your favorite compagnon only by phone 1-877-822-2623 because availability is limited!

We accept a maximum of two animals per room weighing less than 80 pounds / 36 kg each (cats or exotic animals are not permitted). We provide cages for animals that respect this restriction. However, if you own an animal that exceeds this constraint, you can bring your own cage and the animal will be admitted with pleasure. When you'll book your pet friendly room, it will be important to provide us with information on the weight and size of your pet. Here are our available cage sizes:

Small : 30" X 19" X 21"
Medium : 36" X 23" X 25"
Large : 29" X 42" X 30"

Moreover, the Auberge du Lac Taureau welcomes you with your pet in a reserved area. The inn has 8 rooms* designed for you to enjoy nature with your pet. To better travel with your dog, these rooms are all on the ground floor and have a direct access to the outside. We have also a dog park not far from our tipis so that your dogs can run free in a secure fenced!

* Only the Standard room, Signature room and Lake room can accommodate your pet.

When you travel with your mascot, there is a 50$ fee per pet for the first night, and 25$ per additional night. This will be charged in addition to the price of the chosen package. The 'Pet Friendly' package includes a welcome kit. A canine park not far from our teepees is arranged so that your dogs can run in a secure place and well fenced!

Welcome kit for dog

  • Cage and towels
  • Water bowls, food bowls
  • Dog treat

We also offer walking trails for dogs. You can go to a desert beach that is located after one of our Native American sites, about 8 minutes walk from the Inn. Simply ask the Pavilion of the Animation the directions to get there!

For your comfort, the other guests and your pet, like any hotel that accepts pets, please respect the following guidelines : 

1- The stay of your pet in the hotel.

  • Maximum of two pets per room per stay;
  • Animals must be on a leash outside and inside the bulding;
  • Animals, except service animals, are not allowed in our dining rooms;
  • For the safety of your pet and our employees, your pet must be in a cage (lent by the Auberge) when it's alone in the room;
  • Be sure to keep your pets on a leash at all times in public areas located inside the hotel, as well as the outdoor enclosure.

2- How to walk your dog inside the hotel.

Pets are not allowed in some areas of the hotel. Such as restaurants, swimming pool, spa or meeting rooms. You can walk your dog on a leash inside the hotel. He may be at liberty when he is with you in the room.

3- Cleanliness of the premises and the health of your companion

For your pet's health, we recommend that you have medicines for heartworms, ticks and fleas since you are in a forest with other wildlife. Make sure your pet has its vaccines up to date.

Dispose of your animal waste in garbage cans outside. If your pet has a little accident on the premises, please clean up any damage or ask for help at the front desk.

You will assume any additional cost caused by damage caused by your pet. Any damage caused to the room by your pet will be charged to your credit card.

4- Tranquility and security

Like any hotel that accepts pets, we care about the safety and tranquility of all. Your pet should not disturb the tranquility of other guests and our establishment.

Complaint of disruptive noise : If we receive two complaints, alternative arrangements will have to be made regarding the animal.

The management of the hotel reserves the right to revoke the right of residence for your pet at any time if one or more of these conditions is not respected.

We wish you and your pet a great stay with us! Upon your arrival, our guests are asked to sign a contract informing you of the previous conditions.

Thank you for choosing to visit us with your pet!


*From October 23, 2017, a $25 resort fee per night will be apply on all our packages.

Don't forget to take a look at our reservation policy.

Reserve now a stay with your pet! 
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