A unique phenomenon in the region!


Watch the frozen lake melt at spring!

Only once a year, the Taureau Reservoir offers us a magnificent spectacle unique in the region! 

It is indeed during the spring season (between April and May) that the ice melts in less than a few weeks. It's the perfect time to go for a walk, to admire a landscape that you can't see anywhere else and even to ride a fatbike between sand and snow.

The Reservoir fills up fairly quickly as the snow melts and spring arrives. In less than four to six weeks, our huge frozen playground has been transformed into a huge lake that will soon be navigable for all our summer watercrafts!

Variable dates

Stay tuned!

One could say that it's good luck to find the exact dates when the water is at its lowest and the beaches are at their widest. Many factors influence the timing of this long-awaited event for the people of the region! 

In 2022, the last ice melted on the weekend of April 30 - May 1, and the lake took less than 4 weeks to fill.

In 2021, the last ice melted around May 8-9, and the lake took more than 2 months to fill.

Will you be there next year?

At the beach with your dog

A must during the spring season!

Indeed, this season is the most peaceful to come and enjoy our resort with your 4-legged friend. Stretches of beach where you can walk, stroll and play... what more could you ask for!